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Livery Bases Under Siege By the TLC- You MUST TAKE ACTION

The TLC is holding a public hearing on 9/28/17 on its proposed rules that will require all FHV bases to send 25% of its dispatches to Handicap Accessible Vehicles ("HAVs"). The FHV industry will be completely unable to comply with these rules. As a base owner/operator, who does not employ its drivers and does not own any vehicles, how can you have any effect upon the number of HAVs that are on the road at any given moment? The answer is that you CANT.

The Livery Round Table and other members of the entire industry came together to create a reasonable alternative option that will actually provide the handicap community with the service that they so desperately need and deserve. The solution is a Central Dispatch Program for Handicap Accessible Vehicles. It is a reasonable solution, a workable solution and one that will not  hurt our industry. 

We need you to send a letter to the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please CLICK THIS LINK that contains a form letter for you to download and sent to the TLC. All you have to do is download the form, read it, clearly print your base name on the first page and sign the letter on the second page and then do the following:

1. fax the signed letter to TLC Office of Legal Affairs at 212-676-1102; or

2. email the signed letter to 

The industry has been plagued for too long by ineffective rules and regulations that serve only to allow the TLC to collect money via fines from bases for non-compliance. We must do all we can to try to get the TLC to postpone the hearing on 9/28/17 to further consider the proposal put forward by the LRT and other industry leaders. If the TLC does move forward with its proposed rules, the consequence to FHV base owners and FHV owners and operators can be disastrous. YOU MUST sign this letter and if possible, attend this hearing on 9/28/17 at the New York Marriott Downtown, 85 West Street, New York, NY 10006. Please use the Washington Street event entrance. 

Please contact the LRT with any questions at


Steven Shanker