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Advocating for the Livery Industry since 2010

We work to promote and improve the livery industry, comprised of over 400 livery bases and 20,000 for-hire vehicle operators which serve communities throughout New York City. Since 2010, The Livery Round Table ("LRT") has worked with livery associations and businesses to unify, advocate on behalf of, and streamline the livery industry in New York. Our goal is to secure the long-term sustainability of the industry. We pursue this goal through offering a robust education and training program for livery drivers; working with regulatory/governmental agencies and other associations to advance policies that serve the interests of livery bases, for-hire vehicle drives and most of all, the riding public; and to address the needs and concerns of our members

Whether you are a livery base owner, for-hire vehicle driver, owner of a for-hire vehicle, or simply someone in the industry who wants to get involves, we will not only do our best bring your issues to the forefront and represent your interests, but we will do our best to work to effectuate change for the better of the transportation industry and help you thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience, enthusiasm and professionalism to every issue we support.

Our leaders and members have been involved in the livery industry for over 40 years. We’re on the pulse of the evolving trends in regulation and legislation. We are actively involved in the industry and would like you to continue too work to enable our industry to stay vibrant and healthy all while ensuring that the government does not overreach their regulatory powers. 

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Areas of Involvement


The regulatory landscape in New York is rapidly changing and evolving with advances in technology and changing ideas as to . With so many special interests, the LRT needs to ensure that the voice of the livery is heard. That’s where we come in. We are active with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission and regularly testify at public hearings. We are also fortunate to be able to have excellent relationships with those who make policy at the Commission. This ensures our voices are heard.



Litigation is almost always the means of last resort, but when necessary, we are sure to assemble a legal team that knows the industry and knows the law so when we have to initiate litigation to represent the interests of the livery industry, we are sure to have the best representation possible. There are times.


The New York State legislature and New York City Council have members who may or may not support our initiatives, but we are always sure to get a seat at the table to ensure that our position and points of view are heard and our interests are protected. The LRT strives to stay on top of legislative initiatives and get involved in the process so the interests of the industry are well represented. Our lobbyists are of the best in the industry.



The startup and small businesses in the livery industry often need guidance in order to navigate the regulatory landscape. While we do not necessarily give business advice, we do aim to guide our members so as to ensure that they are taking the path that is most likely to enable them and the entire industry to continue to thrive. 

Social MEDIA and blog

The internet has shown us the power of social media. We are sure to constantly keep our members up to date regarding all issues that effect the livery industry. We do not sit on the sidelines, but are actively involved in shaping the views of not only the public, but also those who read our blog and the articles we submit to traditional media outlets. We don't pull any punches and are sure to keep our members and the public well informed.


status of the LAW and regulations

The law is ever evolving and the rules which we must abide by are constantly changing. There’s a lot of potential for the industry, the rules and regulations can seem convoluted and vague at best. Informing our members of the status of the law and how to comply with the regulations is one of our main missions.....to stay compliant in a wold where not all those in the industry play by the rules.





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