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The livery industry as we know it today originated in the late 1970s, after a failed attempt to have yellow cabs provide both street hail and dispatch services through radios. The City, after discovering rampant discrimination, pulled the radios out of the taxis and created the livery industry – responsible for all dispatch car service in New York City. In subsequent years, livery vehicles became an increasingly utilized mode of transportation across the boroughs and in neighborhoods of the city, where many residents had difficulty hailing a yellow cab due to geographic, racial or economic discrimination.

The ground transportation system in NYC is a complicated system made up of different sectors that serve different communities and clientele, but it is also a system that has functioned well, transporting a countless number passengers per day throughout the city, to the airports, and beyond.


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The Livery Round Table Today


The The Livery Round Table ("LRT")  is continually working to benefit both the livery industry and passengers alike. Since 2010, The Livery Round Table has worked with livery associations and businesses to unify, advocate on behalf of, and streamline the livery industry in New York. Our goal is to secure the long-term sustainability of the industry. We pursue this goal through: offering a robust education and training program for livery drivers; working with regulatory/governmental agencies and other associations to advance policies that serve the interests of both livery passengers and the riding public; and to meet the needs and concerns of our members. Since its inception in 2010, the LRT has sought to improve the passenger experience by advancing the livery industry’s business practices and services. We work with drivers and bases to develop better customer service for all riders

Some of our accomplishments include:

·       Advancing new restrictions on unlicensed cab drivers operating at NYC’s airports, making such hustling an offense;

·       Obtaining a sales tax exemption for livery fares;

·       Eliminating the $28,000,000 debt owed to the New ?York State Workers' Compensation Board;

·       Educating the livery industry through the LRT Institute’s programming

·       Negotiating with city government officials to streamline the rules governing the livery industry;

·      Working with the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission to make rules that enable livery bases and livery drivers to be able to flourish, even during hard economic time and systemic regulatory changes

·       Implementing a signage and markings initiative to make it easier for passengers to distinguish properly licensed cars



Members and organizations

The Livery Round Table is the main operating organization for a number of smaller livery base organizations. It is a kind umbrella organization for a number of smaller organizations. Each organization within the LRT includes a diverse group of persons that provide transportation service to different communities and advocate on behalf of those who cannot effectively advocate for themselves. The main Organizations that are members of the LRT are as follows:

- The NYS Federation of Taxi Drivers, Inc.;

- Livery Base Owners, Inc;

- NYC Independent Livery Owners Corp.;

- NYC Fleet Livery Owners Association, Inc.;

- United as One TLC Base Owners Association, Inc.;

- Board of Livery- Transportation Industry Trades, Inc.

- United African Livery Drivers & Base Owners Association

If you or your organization would like to join the Livery Round Table or would like some more information on the benefits of becoming a member, please contact us as we will be happy to assist you.